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CP24 article: Two marathon runners treated for dehydration amid sweltering heat

From the CP24 (Toronto’s Breaking News) article:

With the hot weather coming as thousands of athletes take part in the Pan American Games, officials are warning both athletes and spectators to watch out for signs of overheating.

Already, two competitors in the marathon have been treated for heat-related illness, according to the Chief Medical Officer with the games.

“We had two people transported from the marathon venue with early signs of dehydration. One had muscle cramps and was treated with some oral fluids while the other needed some IV fluids and is responding well,” Dr. Julia Alleyne told CP24. “Neither will go to the hospital. We have treated them here in the village.”

Alleyne said that extra medical staff have been stationed at Pan Am Games venues due to the heat.

Read the full story here: http://www.cp24.com/weather/two-marathon-runners-treated-for-dehydration-amid-sweltering-heat-1.2475595