dr Julia Alleyne

Clinician – Educator – Consultant

Rapid Access Clinics for low back pain

Rapid Access Clinics are now are helping clients receive timely access to comprehensive consultation and treatment for people with low back pain in Toronto Central LHIN. Learn how to enroll and refer your clients: http://torontocentrallhin.on.ca/MSK/LowBackPain
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CBC Interview: Dr. Julia Alleyne on keeping Pan Am athletes healthy

Video interview shot Monday, July 21, 2015 — bright and early in the morning! Watch it here: http://panam.cbc.ca/videos/video/julia-alleyne-keeping-the-pan-athletes-healthy.html
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CP24 article: Two marathon runners treated for dehydration amid sweltering heat

From the CP24 (Toronto’s Breaking News) article: … With the hot weather coming as thousands of athletes take part in the Pan American Games, officials are warning both athletes and spectators to watch out for signs of overheating. Already, two competitors in the marathon h
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Toronto Star article: Heat will be factor for fans, athletes at Pan Am Games on Sunday

From the Toronto Star article: It’s going to be a hot one for Pan Am Games spectators, with temperatures Sunday expected to top 30C with a humidex reading that could make it feel like 40C. So how to keep cool? Here are some tips from Dr. Julia Alleyne, TO2015’s chief medical officer:
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Training for the Beermile

Check out this article about Kirsty Smith, a triathlete who is training to set a  Beermile record! According to Beermile.com, the Beer Mile is “The most famous, glorified, respected, and celebrated of all the events of this underworld…” Here, Julia talks about the il
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Check out the Toolkit!

Ontario’s Low Back Pain Toolkit has been released. Lots of hard work by many! Looking forward to hearing your feedback. http://health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/programs/ecfa/action/primary/lower_back.aspx   Also, find it at http://www.effectivepractice.org/
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