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In the News — Rio 2016: How do athletes hurt themselves? A look sport-by-sport

From the Global News item:

“I would say the majority of them have had some kind of injury,” said Dr. Lee Schofield, who is currently in Rio as part of the Canadian Olympic core medical team.

Dr. Julia Alleyne, a former chief medical director for the Canadian team in several Olympics, agrees.

“The most injuries often happen as you’re gaining skill,” she said. “It’s the same as learning to ride a bicycle. When you’re first gaining skill you have to really try and master a lot of different pieces of information at once. So you’re mastering muscle memory, you’re mastering cognitive sequencing, often you’re trying to manage speed, resistance, accuracy, all at the same time.”

And sometimes, that leads to injury.

But elite competition isn’t risk-free either. Organizers at the Pan Am Games in Toronto in 2015 classified the sports’ relative risks based on a few factors, said Alleyne.

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